I am Cursed.
I am Cursed.

Every day I am plagued by demons,
Burrowing their way into my mind.
Triggering my fears all at once with
visions of my own violent demise.

I am Cursed.
I am Cursed.

Suffering pain and torture.
Every waking moment is plagued by agony.

Needles pierce my eyes as my flesh melts from my bones.
Everything turns to dust in just seconds.

A vile curse placed upon me,
Dooming me to a wretched existence.

Blood pours profusely from my eyes,
Lesions and gashes appear across my flesh.
One by one limbs and appendages liquefy before my eyes.

I close my eyes and I pray for an end,
only to be met with visions of a rusted nail piercing through the back of my neck

It’s driving me insane, Death is my only out.
Drowning in a pool of my own putrid blood.

Devoured alive by insects.
Even my bones are food for the fetid worms.

Strangled to death by my loved ones.
Grinning broadly as life fades from my eyes.

This is it, my last resort. To end this curse, I end my life.
There is no end, unless I die, across my throat lies a dotted line.
I cannot take, this hell anymore. I cannot endure anymore pain.
The blade runs across my jugular vein, and blood begins to fill the back of my throat.

The lights fade black, I fall to the floor, Knowing I’m free, I smile once more.
I close my eyes, as tears flow forth. Only to awake, to be cursed once more.




Okay. So. This particular set of lyrics is very graphic and violent. But hey, a lot of metal songs have lyrics like that, right? Anyway, I wanted to write lyrics based on curses or being cursed. Something like that. I did a little research around the grand ol’ internet and read different accounts of people who have claimed to be cursed. These accounts described vivid hallucinations in which they actually believed these things were happening to them, Absolutely terrifying nightmares, and self mutilation as an attempt to make it all stop. They were all interesting reads to say the least. Do I believe these stories? Not particularly. But who knows? I sure as hell don’t.


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