Beneath the lingering sun,
Exhausted by the heat,
Crawling upon the stone
In an endless wasteland.

No traces or signs of life.
Nothing as far as the eye can see.

Traveled for miles,
Found only sand.
Wandered for ages,
found only emptiness,

Fruitless our search,
For a new life.
Endless decay
for all of time.

Life has no place
In a waste land
Only silence
for all of time.

By god what have we done? Where did we go wrong?
We wanted to know Eden; A promised land of peace.
We toiled away in search of a place
Where prosperity resides.
Unbeknownst to us, our desires were right before us,
Hidden away behind the walls we had raised

We never bothered to turn around and claim the heavens laid before us.
Instead we settled for the hell we foolishly fought for.
We traded paradise for an devastated wasteland.

It seemed so sweet. It seemed so great.
It seemed like everything we could ever want.
By tooth and nail, We have fought to prevail,
To earn this place that turned out to be hell.

In the end, we gave up Heaven for Hell
And We have only ourselves to blame for loss. What a crying shame.
We’ve dug our graves. Nothing left but to lie down and die
We traded paradise for an Devastated wasteland.


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