Seething Hatred

I am…
Blinded by my seething hatred
For a fool that I used to love.
Everyday, you find a way
To make me hate you so much more.

Anger boils in side when I see your face.
Never have I felt this way.
Right to my very core.
I can not stress enough how much I hate you.

I was there for you when no one else was.
I gave you what no one else could give.
I pleaded, begged on my hands and knees.
You turned your back, and walked away.

A feeling quite unlike any other;
Seething hatred.
When I am reminded of your existence.
Seething hatred.

I hate you.
I loathe you.

Watch me turn my back toward you,
Walk away just like you would do.
My blood boils my skins crawling,
My hairs are all standing on edge.

I can’t stand you, I despise you.
You’re not worth a single second.
Seething hatred,
Seething hatred,
All I feel is Seething hatred.

Blinded by my seething hatred
For a fool that I used to love.
You played me for a fucking fool.
Never again, not one time more.

No more.


OH BOY THIS PIECE IS ANGRY. Like, I forgot how angry it was. I wrote this when I was…eighteen? As of this post I’m twenty-five. So… OBVIOUSLY this is about someone that I don’t particularly like. But he was my first real boyfriend, and he really messed me up way back then. Broke up with me eight times over the course of our collective nine months together. Gotta wonder who was the real asshole in this situation, right? Him for breaking up with me so much or my dumb ass for taking him back so many times? ANYWAY. I wrote this YEARS ago. This person simply exists to me now. I don’t hate him anymore. I still don’t necessarily like him, but I’m sure you get the point, Dear Reader. It’s something I wrote quite some time ago and I felt that it was worth a share.


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