Perchance Reality

I dreamed last night.
I dreamed of you.
It was the first time
In a year I thought of you.

It started with a gathering.
Friends, family, music, food.
I spoke to everyone.
But I never spoke to you.
Even once you had come into view.

We made eye contact and I instantly retreated.
I hid my face beneath my hat, I felt defeated.
“Leave me be.” This was my hope.
But you waited for your turn to approach

“Please don’t” was all I thought,
Tears welled, But still I fought.
Once you could, you took you chance,
You closed the space and took my hands.
You held me tight
And I heard you cry.

It was then I knew.
You wanted me too.
No words were needed.
In return, I embraced you.

Countless words were spoken.
We laughed, cried, and yelled.
We spoke about the last year
In which we were silent,
And soon in became evident
Of where we belonged,
And we left the gathering
Hand in hand. Hearts adjoined.

And thus it ended.
My eyes peeled open.
They were heavy with tears,
My heart, heavy with ache.
Just when I thought
I could move on from you,
You come rushing back.
And I’m right back were you left me
It was only a dream.
It’s all it will ever be.


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