It was never my strongest trait.
It’s difficult for me.
I grow impatient very easily.
Sometimes, very suddenly.
It’s been the cause of many downfalls.
It’s been the reason I end up where I have been
So many times before.

They say it’s a virtue;
To have patience.
They say good things come
To those who wait.
I wouldn’t know the verity in these words,
Because I’ve never tried it for myself before.

So here’s to giving it a try.
For the right person and circumstances,
I think it will be worth it.
I may be an impatient man,
I may want things to happen so much faster,
But for once in my life, I will live in the moment.
And let the future unfold at what ever rate it may.
Because I think it will be worth it this time.
It’s time for me to put my resolve to the test.
Because I think you will be worth it.


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