Trapped Within Your Past

Oh how I crave it.

For the way things were.

Back during the time,

When I was your greatest prize.

Back when you looked at me,

With ardent adoration.

Those days seem distant now.

I’m like a child’s toy now.

Placed upon a shelf,

And my existence ignored.

Never in my life,

Have I felt so unwanted. 

My one desire;

To be loved,  



And treasured,

Seems so out of reach.

And I don’t know why. 

What do I do? 

What can I do? 

Why won’t you tell me? 

Why does it seem, 

Like I am not enough. 

I don’t want to fall, 

Into your past. 

I don’t want to lose

The most important person in my life. 

Please come back to me. 

Please let me back in. 

The silence is killing me. 



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