Every day always starts the same.

I open my eyes and I speak your name.

I hope that this day will be the day

That I once again get to see your face.

I hope and I pray that this will be the day

That once more I can hear your voice.

Everyday, I lie in wait hoping for a knock at my door.

And when I open it, I pray that it’s our eyes that meet.

Every sound that I hear, I hope it’s one you made.

And when I investigate, I hope to find you waiting for me.

Every phone call, I hope that it’s your voice I hear.

Every message I receive, I hope it’s your words I read.

And every night always ends the same.

I close my eyes and speak your name.

And I hope that when they open again,

I’ll see you laying there right beside me.

As if you have leapt from my dreams.

Because most of all, more than anything,

I hope that I will see you again one day.


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