There’s no one left to fix me.

No one capable of it, at least.

I suppose it’s time that I accept

My inevitable place in the world.

There is no one who can fix me.

There is no one who can heal me.

The only ones who can, can’t be bothered.

So what is there left for me to do?

I suppose I’ll just remain broken.

I’ll remain with the rubbish.

Where I evidently belong.

I asked “Who will fix me now?”

The answer I keep getting is “No one”

Who would fix someone who can’t even fix himself?

So I’m at my whits end.

I’m at rock bottom.

I’ll just fall in line.

I’ll play the hand,

That I dealt my self.

This is a prison

Of my own foolish design.

I have no one to blame

Other than myself.

I stupidly put myself here.

I foolishly dismantled my self.

I set myself up to watch.

My own fucking demise.

So I guess I’ll just sit back

And watch the fucking show.


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